In our constant efforts to improve our standards of quality at all levels of service, our agency began using the Aproove tool several years ago. Initially it was used mainly for recurrent output in graphical projects, such as folders and in-store material. But it was so convenient in terms of requests as well as opening up new previously unavailable file formats that we expanded our use of this tool, allowing us to ensure accuracy, quick response times from our teams, and minimise time loss for the client during the project approval process.





With a team of very experienced graphic designers, perfect mastery of the editing tools… and that slight touch of madness necessary to create something ‘extra’, we’ll design your leaflets, adverts and other media, within the deadline that suits you. 




Just 20 copies of a 28-page business report or one single poster of 1x3m? 

Our in-house printing is of amazing quality, at a very reasonable price, and our production speed is unmatched!

Our proofs can also be Fogra-certified for your printers and thus make the production of final approved proofs easier for you. 


You’ve no idea what one can do with cardboard and paper?
Allow us to imagine it for you, because you want to be seen and that’s what we want too. 

To achieve this, our creative and production teams will work together to push boundaries and provide you with the display of your dreams.

You’d like a proof of your future display? That would be us too!


Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the packaging sector built over 20 years’ experience. 

Constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity thanks to a perfect understanding of all the new printing techniques. 

A perfect 3D packshot of your new product before it’s even produced? That would be us too! 


As a subsidiary of LIELENS, MAGENTA is a member of ICOM,
the largest global network of independent communication agencies.